Workplace Disciplinary Procedures Online Training Course

Every business today needs to have managers, or HR personnel who are able to manage disciplinary issues that can occur within the workplace effectively, this will ensure that your management staff members know what is expected of them, thus being able to gain the best working results from your employees.

Our online disciplinary procedures course programme covers the aims of the disciplinary procedure, the penalties, which include investigations, allegations and suspensions and also will help you understand the official way for carrying out hearings and appeals and is an ideal training solution for general managers, HR personnel, Office managers, hotel managers, supervisors, workshop foreman and more.

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Additional Information

Our online disciplinary procedures training programme will help you understand how to provide a framework with which managers can work with employees to maintain workplace standards of conduct and encourage improvement where necessary.

This disciplinary procedures online training course is an ideal training platform for hotel managers, general managers, workshop and office managers, hr managers, business owners and more and is available with CPD time credits.

Training is conducted using video based instruction and each video can be paused or rewound so that you can get a better understanding of the course content.

This online disciplinary procedure course is available with free disciplinary procedures training videos, which can be paused or rewound so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content and structure as you progress through the training.

This course is an ideal training platform for office managers or general managers, or anyone who would like to gain knowledge of how to follow disciplinary requirements within the workplace and you can register for training by clicking the “Register Now” button above.

Workplace Disciplinary Procedures Online Course

CPD certified discipline, investigations and appeals management training programme

Course Content, Click here to view

  • Procedure and confidentiality
  • Investigations, allegations and also suspensions
  • How to notify of a disciplinary hearing,
  • The right to be accompanied and procedure
  • Penalties, their effects and appeals
  • Holding disciplinary hearings
  • Case Studies

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Our online disciplinary procedure training course is an ideal training solution for head teachers, office managers, hotel & HR managers, workshop managers, supervisors, or anyone who would like to gain workplace disciplinary procedure certification.

CPD certified workplace disciplinary procedures online training course, office and hotel managers, hr managers, workshop managers, supervisors, disciplinary procedures to help you stay workplace compliant, video based course to help you stay workplace compliant with your grievance course procedure.

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