Online Customer Service Course, CPD Certified Training

We offer an online customer service training programme, as having great customer service is essential to the success of your business. Having staff that are suitably trained to deal with new and existing customers, or the general public is at the forefront of good customer relations. This is important not only for the health of your business, but also this will help you retain your existing customer base.

This online course is an ideal training solution and learning platform for dentists, doctors, hotel receptionists, secretaries, tele-sales personnel, waiters, waitresses, driving instructors, shop assistants & retail staff, or any person who deals with the general public and would like to gain valid and up to date customer service training certification.

Our e-learning programme is available with free customer service training videos, which are easy to understand and can be paused or rewound so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content and structure as your progress through the course.

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Your online training is conducted through your own secure training area and each section video can be paused or rewound as you progress, so that you can gain a better understanding of the course content and structure of the course.

This customer service online course programme is an ideal learning platform for hotel, doctors and dental receptionists and managers, office staff and secretaries, car sales, retail sales and shop assistants, waiters and waitresses, or anyone who would like to gain valid and up to date certification for customer service.

Once you have started your programme you can leave the course at the end of each part section, log out from your secure training area and return another day, the course will resume from where you originally left.

Registration & Start

  • Video based learning
  • CPD certified
  • Over 70 minutes of video
  • Print your certification on completion
  • Course Fee: £25 + vat

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Our customer service course online training programme will help you keep and improve relationships with your customers and on successful completion of this training programme you will be able to print your customer service certification.

Our online customer service programme is available with CPD time credits and is an ideal training platform for hotel receptionists, sales staff, doctors & dentists reception staff, secretaries, teachers, or anyone who is required to hold valid and up to date customer service certification.

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See The Course Content Below

Course Content, Click here to view

  • The goals, discovering & understanding customer needs
  • Delivering maximum levels of customer service
  • Making customers feel great from the start
  • Communication skills
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Body Language
  • Dealing with complaints

Ensuring your new and existing customers are treated well is essential to the success of your business. This online CPD certified accredited customer service training course is a suitable training platform for retail & shop assistants, coffee shop & restaurant staff, hotel, doctors & dental receptionists, secretaries or anyone who would like to gain workplace customer service training certification.

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CPD certified customer service online training course, ideal for hotel receptionists, doctors, dental surgeries, office staff, secretaries, receptionists, sales staff, managers, shop assistants and retail staff, e-learning customer service training certification.

If you would like and additional information regarding any of the online training programmes that we offer, please contact us through our contact us page.